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Ozone sterilizer for premises “Ozone SP–5”
 Ozone sterilizer for premises “Ozone SP–5”
Ozone sterilizer for premises “Ozone SP–5” Universal, new generation, high-performance, low-temperature, economic, ecologically safety way to sterilization and disinfection.  Ozone sterilizer for premises "Ozone SP–5 ”(later sterilizer in the text) is the apparatus for electrosynthesis of ozone from atmospheric air on the ceramic dischargers (made in Japan) with the double dielectric barrier.
Constructively this sterilizer is made of metal carcass which contains:
  • control unit with keyboard and indicators; 
  • power modules with dischargers; 
  • power supply unit and safety devices; 
  • ventilators, providing air streaming through dischargers and cooling of the device.  

Control unit provides the work of power modules, indicators and keyboard for interaction with operator. Control unit contains:

  • microprocessor with the working program, which provides the selection of the necessary capacity and time of ozonator performance with the inputting of the feedback, e.g. the system of the automatic second feedback, regulation control and support of all parameters performance.  
  • systems, regulating high-voltage generators and their ventilators; 
  • five-button keyboard for controlling the sterilizer;
  • three-discharging seven-segments indicator, reflecting the fixed capacity and time of the device performance; 
  • three single indicators, which reflect operating mode of the device. 

The main operating characteristics of the sterilizer "Ozone SP-5”:

  • non – ability – resistance of bacteria, virus and fungi to ozone;
  • wide range of regulating ozone concentration;
  • quick and high-quality sterilization and disinfection; 
  • full automation and control; 
  • operational capability date is 10 years; 
  • low power consumption;
  • saving of buying chemical disinfectant;
  • safety in operation(availability of electro- and thermoprotecrtion); 
  • automatic switching-off by breaking the operating mode; 

The sterilizer means:

  • quick sterilization of operating-rooms;
  • effective struggle against hospital-acquired (nosocomial) infections;
  • disinfection and deodorization of air in surgical, purulent, burns, urological, maternity departments. 

Technical characteristics
Flow velocity, m³/hour 9
Output of ozone, gr/hour         from 0,15 to 8,5 (8 rates)
Voltage, Volt 220 ± 10%
Consumed power, Watt      670
Size, mm 480х475х160
Weigh, kg 8.2

Ozone sterilizer "Ozone SP – 5 ” is widely used in medical institutions for:

  • sterilization of air, wall surface and equipment in operating rooms, procedural and dressing wards; 
  • disinfection and deodorization of air in such medical departments as surgical, purulent, burns, urological, maternity, gynaecological, proctological and others; 
  • preventive treatment of premises with the aim to prevent them from spreading infection(struggle against hospital infection).  

This sterilizer has got a simple and easy operation-control:First, fix the ozonator on the horizontal hard surface. It is recommended to pull out an additional leg of the device (beneath the bottom of the device on the front side). It provides the best circulation of the ozone-air mixture. Insert the apparatus cord into 220 Volt socket. Turn on the device using the net-button switch(at the back side of the ozonator). Using the key "Select” you can freely choose any time of the device performance (from 1 to 180 minutes) and capacity(from 2 to 100 per cent). The selected regime is digitally displayed by light-emitting diode with the corresponding inscription TIME(min) or CAPACITY(%). Fix the necessary figures using keys "”(more). Switch on the ozonator by pressing the button "START”. At this time, the light-emitting diode "WORK” flashes and we can see the time left till the end of the procedure on the digital indicator(in minutes – reverse reading). By pressing the button "STOP”, you can stop the work of the apparatus at any time if it’s necessary. The sterilizer switches off automatically at the end of the procedure.