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Universal medical OZONE U-80 apparatus for ozone therapy
Universal medical OZONE U-80 apparatus for ozone therapy
Its been 12 years since the Institute of ozone therapy and medical equipment has been manufacturing the Universal medical OZONE U-80 apparatus for ozone therapy that produces absolutely pure ozone-oxygen mixture from gaseous oxygen by means of electrosynthesis for medical purposes with the ozone concentration of up to 150 mg/l at the power consumption of up to 80 W and the gas flow speed ranging from 0,5 to 2,0 l/min, which remains unattainable for other medical equipment manufacturers.

The certified OZONE UM-80 ozonator, which is supplied to and used in as many as 12 countries as well as Ukraine, complies with all the 25 medical and technical requirements for medical ozonators, approved by the Ukrainian Ministry of Health and the Ukrainian Association of ozone therapeutists and medical equipment manufacturers (Kharkiv). The Universal medical OZONE UM-80 apparatus for ozone therapy has been registered at the Ukrainian Ministry of Health and approved for application as of 26.03.2004 (reference 2578/2004). 

Universal medical OZONE U-80 apparatus for ozone therapyThe OZONE UM-80 has also been registered at the Ministry for Heath and Social Development of the Russian Federation, approved for application throughout the whole Russian Federation (State registration certificate reference 2010/07192 as of 24.06.2010). The OZONE UM-80 has been registered in Kazakhstan (registration reference 7 010319 dated 21.11.2012). The OZONE UM-80 has been approved for application in Georgia, (Certificate reference 61-017, granted by the Ministry of Labour, Health and Social Issues as of 22.01.2010) and Azerbaijan (since 2008). 

In order to increase the ozonator operation safety, create a power reserve, improve the operation stability, extend the service life, prevent the overheating of the discharge chamber, with due regard for the maximum ozone concentrations of up to 80 mg/l to be applied in medicine, as we have clinically proved, the abovementioned ozonator, which produces the maximum ozone concentration of 150 mg/l, is calibrated for the fine control of ozone concentration ranging from 0,0 up to 80-100 mg/l with the step of 0,1 mg/l, at any oxygen flow rate. As evidenced by the experience of operating other manufacturers ozonators, the discharge chamber overheating may result in heightened fire hazard. 

Thus, even producing such a high and unattainable for other manufacturers ozone concentration of 80 mg/l, the ozonator operates at half its capacity, and with low concentrations it works hundreds of times below its full capacity, which guarantees its safe and long service life, as has been attested to by its safe operation spanning 12 years. The OZONE UM-80 ozonator with an inbuilt ozone concentration gauge has been constructed on the component basis of the leading foreign firms. We provide PC-assisted metal cutting and case manufacturing at the works as well as double coating with ozone-resistant French powder paint processed at t=200. The assembly of SMD electronic components and microprocessors is carried out on the special German ERSA automated lines in compliance with the ISO 9001 standard.

With its technical specifications and treatment potential, the ozonator is a device of the new generation, the perfect in comparison with those of other manufacturers, the best in the CIS and second to none in the world. 

KhARTRON ENERGO Scientfic-manufacturing enterprise (the leading developer of electronic and automatic equipment, software and space-rocket hardware control systems both in Ukraine and the CIS) developed the software and systems to run all the ozonator operation modes. 

- is the first in Ukraine to have been entered into the Register of the Ukrainian Ministry of Health and approved for application till 13.05.2014. The Certificate of the state registration at the Ukrainian Ministry of Health (reference 2578/2004 dated 26.03.2004), prolonged by the order issued by the Ukrainian Ministry of Health (reference 326 dated 13.05.2009);
- the first and the only Ukrainian OZONE UM-80 OZONATOR registered in Russia, entered into the Register of the Ministry for Heath and Social Development of the Russian Federation and is approved for application throughout the whole Russian Federation, with its operation period not limited The State registration certificate in the RF (reference 2010/07192 as of 24.06.2010).
- has been awarded the Conformance certificate of the RF (reference UA. 22. 1656 dated 03.07.2010).
- was given the first in Ukraine State sanitary and epidemiological examination report issued by the Ukrainian Ministry of Health on endorsing the OZONE UM-80 OZONATOR (reference 05.03.02-07/54744 as of 31.12.2003) approved by the Chief state sanitary doctor of Ukraine;
- is the first in Ukraine to have been awarded the Certificate of the state metrological approval at the State committee for standardization, metrology and certification of Ukraine (reference 08/19-2 dated 10.04.2003), granting permission to check and tune other manufacturers ozonators with the help of the OZONE UM-80 OZONATOR;
- was conferred the CONFORMANCE CERTIFICATE of the Ukrainian State production certification system (reference 320788 Series as of 05.02.2009); - In concert with the Ukrainian medical centre for certification at the Ukrainian Ministry of Health a series of qualification tests of the OZONE UM-80 OZONATOR have been conducted Qualification test report 895-078 dated 24.03.2009;
- the technical production standards of Ukraine 331-30881586-001-2004 have been approved at the State Standard Committee and the Ukrainian Ministry of Health till 2014;
- Protected by the Ukrainian patents 1783 U; 2398 U; 8550 U; 11354 U; 62041 U.

The Institute of ozone therapy medical equipment has been awarded:

  • the Diploma of the prof. G. L. Kanevskyi prize winner by the Ukrainian Society of physiotherapists and balneologists for creating the OZONE UM-80 OZONATOR ( 15 as of 26.11.2002).
  • First Diploma of the oldest in Ukraine Kharkiv medical society "For promoting the national ozone therapy and manufacturing the equipment for its administration in 2003.
  • The Expocentre of Ukraine Diploma of the International medical INMED -2004 exhibition.
  • Diploma 120-104 of the International Health protection 2005 exhibition of the Russian Federation in Moscow for the best development of the Universal medical OZONE-UM 80 ozonator.
  • The best model in 2005 Diploma of the th International SLAVYANSKIY BAZAR business-forum for the development of the Universal medical OZONE-UM 80 ozonator.
  • The Diploma of the Central Expocentre Exhibition Complex (Moscow, the Russian Federation) at the International Health protection 2006 exhibition.
  • The 2007 prize-winner (together with Kharkiv National radio electronics university) and a participant in the international health protection exhibition in Hannover in the project of the Science and Technology Centre of Ukraine (STCU) and the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine for the development of biotechnical system of treating diseases with the help of ozone therapy and chemiluminescent express-diagnostics.
  • The winner (with the institute of scintillation materials at the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine) of the contest in 2007 held by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine for the best development and manufacturing of the gas analyzer to measure ozone concentration.
  • Diplomas of the IIIth, XIVth, Vth, XVIth, XVIIth, XVIIIth, XIXth, XXth and XXIth International Ukrainian specialised medicine exhibitions "Health protection in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012.
  • First Diploma of the All-Ukrainian Association of physiotherapists, balneologists and recreation therapists for the creation and implementation of the new highly-effective medical OZONE-UM 80 apparatus in 2008.
  • The Diploma of the 15th international HEALTH and LONGEVITY medical exhibition in 2009 by the Hal-EXPO, CJSC, in Lviv for the Major contribution to the development of ozone therapy and medical equipment in Ukraine.

The ozonator is universal since it allows for producing both low therapeutic ozone concentrations (up to 10 mg/l) and high ozone concentrations applied in surgery and dermacosmetology (up to 80 mg/l). Various modes can be set on the colour LCD and automatically controlled with the help of the keyboard: option, adjustment, setting and operation, stopping and starting, as well as the digital representation of ozone concentration, flow speed and the time of operation. The time for setting operation modes of the ozonator has been reduced several times in comparison with other manufacturers. 

The ozonator is equipped with the inbuilt automatic control systems allowing for its stopping or shutdown if there are failures in operation modes or faulty actions of its operator. The duration of ozonator operation during procedures is set by a doctor and is displayed on the monitor. Upon their completion, the device turns off automatically.
The apparatus allows for the accuracy of ozonised oxygen mixture concentration and its measurement with an error of up to 5%, which is automatically controlled by the stabilisation system. Besides the inbuilt ozone concentration gauge that measures the produced concentration, the groundbreaking "feedback feature is now available for the first time ever, which is a system of secondary feedback automatic adjustment, control and maintaining ozone concentration as well as other operation parameters of the device.

The main technical specifications:

1. Ozone concentration, mg/l 0.0 - 80?100.0
2. Ozone concentration measurement step, mg/l 0.1
3. Ozone-oxygen mixture delivery speed, l/min. 0.5; 1.0; 2.0
4. Discharge chamber service life span 10,000 hours (10 years)
5. Ozone concentration measurement error up to 5%
6. The inbuilt ozone concentration measuring device           available
7. Inbuilt destructor upon request
8. Inbuilt vacuum pump upon request
9. LCD display available
10. Mains supply 50 Hz, V 220 22
11. Maximum power consumption, W 85.0
12. Prolonged operation mode, hours 8
13. Device dimensions, mm (height.width.depth) 170335420
14. Device mass in the delivery set, kg, max 8.3

The oxygen, finely purified by means of the additional filters, enters the space between two dielectrics coaxially placed into each other glass tubes (the double barrier produced in Germany). One electrode is the outer metalised tube surface of a large diameter whereas the other electrode is the inner metalised tube surface of a smaller diameter. If high-tension current is delivered onto the metalised electrodes, an electric discharge emerges in the space between the outer and the inner tubes. The oxygen, passing through the discharge space between the two tubes (the double electric barrier of the discharge chamber), doesnt contact the electrode metal at all and, consequently, theres no transfer of ions and molecules of electrode metal and their oxides into the ozone-oxygen mixture. The purity of the ozonised oxygen mixture is provided by the additional filters of the two-tier oxygen purification system and the construction of the discharge chamber with the double barrier, due to which neither the oxygen nor the produced ozonised oxygen mixture can immediately contact with the metal of the electrodes.

The double barrier principle in the discharge camera is employed by all the manufacturers in Germany, Italy, England, France and the only in the CIS Institute of ozone therapy and medical equipment. In all medical ozonators manufactured in the CIS, the electric discharge passes between two plates or tubes made of noncorrosive steel, the so-called "one barrier. According to the data of Moscow state university, the temperature in the discharge point of the "one barrier ozonator reaches 1000 thus allowing for the transfer of rustless steel metal ions into the ozonised oxygen mixture and then into the ozonised physiological solution. When subject to repairs, such ozonators exhibit numerous indentations on the inner surfaces of noncorrosive plates especially after the spillage of the discharge chamber with physiological solution, which attests to the fact that metal grams have been transferred parenterally. To enhance the reliability of ozonator operation, the manufacturers have implemented foreign technologies and design, the cutting-edge electronic and element base as well as new cases that belong to the class of double isolation installations, thus providing complete electrical safety for the service personnel. Theres an Italian reductor of fine pressure adjustment additionally built into the ozonator to ensure its protection from excessive pressure at the oxygen inlet. In order to guarantee operation and fire safety and to automatically check the overheating of the discharge chamber and inner systems, there are highly sensitive Japanese electronic detectors of pressure, temperature, electric power overload installed, which prevent the spillage of physiological solution over the ozonator and switch off the ozonator at the slightest hazard, with the error code shown on the colour display, which is accompanied by a sound signal. 

The apparatus permits the adjustment and setting the speed of ozone-oxygen mixture delivery at 0,5; 1,0; 2,0 l/min., which is entered, fixed on the display and rigidly maintained by the automated system. The manufacturer guarantees warranty repair within the time span of 2 years and ozonator post-warranty service during the whole of its operation life, however, no less than 15 years. 
The risk of accidental ozone inhalation impact is reduced to the minimum due to the application of the reliable catalytic or additional import destructor, ozone-resistant materials and the pressure-tight connections.

The time function is provided in the ozonator, which allows the owner of the ozonator to automatically and constantly control and determine the time of the personnel operating the ozonator by progressive total. The ozonator features an electronic slot enabling it to be connected to a PC. The apparatus features the basic and additional tool kit as well as the Recommended methods for administering ozone therapy, which are the first Ukraine and the only in the CIS to have been approved in 2001 by the Ukrainian Ministry of Health for performing various manipulations and more than 30 methods of ozone therapy (all the methods of Russia and the CIS have been approved by the medical higher educational establishments). The basic tool kit comprises the following: (water or oil bubbling device, destructor for decomposing used ozone-oxygen mixture, 180 and 90 mm needles for ozonising physiological solution with mandrins, a 6mm diameter oxygen delivering tube, 5 mm diameter ozone-resistant tube for connecting the kit and the devices to the ozonator, assembly kit ozone-resistant connector-adaptors and T-junctions, scientific medical literature approved by the Ukrainian Ministry of Health. On the clinical site of the institute device purchasers are offered subject in-service training for doctors and nurses in "Ozone Therapy Fundamentals including the application of ozone in cosmetology with the corresponding certificate awarded on the free-of-charge basis.

Due to the possibility of setting various combinations of treatment session parameters (ozone concentration, mixture delivery speed, the length of the treatment session) on the ozonator monitor, doctors can administer reasonable, predictable, dose-dependent ozone therapy, precisely and accurately dosing the amount of ozone and applying it in very much the same way as pharmacological remedies. 
   Over 12,5 years of application, the OZONE UM-80 ozonator, sophisticated inside, but very easy to control and operate, has gained a firm standing as a reliable, safe source of medical ozone, meeting all the present-day medical as well as sanitary and hygienic requirements.

The Areas of Application and Prescriptions to Ozonetherapy

Surgery trophic ulcers, anal chaps, abscesses, festering and persisting wounds, septic conditions, bedsores, burns, hemorrhoids, chronic osteomyelitis, trombophlebitis, obliteration of the vessels of lower extremities, varicose veins
Gastroenterology chronic gastritis, colitis, stomach ulcer, duodenum ulcer, chronic acute viral hepatitis (including alcoholic), cirrhosis, chronic cholycistitis and pancreatitis, dysbacteriosis, constipation, diarrhea
Cardio-rheumatology rheumatism, arthritis, arthrosis, ischemic heart disease, hypertonic disease, atherosclerosis of vessels
Pulmonology diseases of upper respiratory tract, chronic bronchitis, pneumonia, bronchial asthma, lungs abscess, tuberculosis
General Therapy allergic diseases, pancreatic diabetes and its complications, reduction of insulin-dependence
Ophthalmology visual nerve atrophy, retina atrophy, retina vessels thrombosis, cornea traumas, eyesight impairment
Contagious Diseases acute hepatitis, recovery after viral hepatitis, helmithiasis, lambliosis
Urology pyelonephritis, glomerulonephritis, cystitis, urethritis, prostatitis, potency worsening
Venereal Diseases sexually transmitted diseases and their complications, including clamidiosis, ureaplasmosis, gardnerellosis, mycoplasmosis, candidomycosis, trichomoniasis
Dermatology furunculosis, pyoderma, herpes, fungous diseases, scleroderma, psoriasis, neurodermatitis, eczema, lichen, bullous dermatosis, seborrhea
Cosmetology cellulite, acne, local lipodystrophy, alopecia and obesity treatment, facial rejuvenation: mimic wrinkle ablation, vascular telangiectasia, eye hypostasis etc.
Obstetrics and Gynaecology cervical erosion, adnexitis, endometritis, vaginitis, thrush, toxicoses of the pregnant, anemia of the pregnant, fetoplacental deficiency, progressive atrophy of external genitals
Neurology post stroke rehabilitation, peripheral nervous system diseases, migraine, discircular encephalopathaty, increased intracranial pressure, chronic tiredness syndrome, brain vessels atherosclerosis, vegetovascular dystonia
Stomatology stomatitis, parodontitis, pulpitis
Otolaryngology antrirtis, frontitis/frontal sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, pharyngitis, sensorineural deafness, chronic tonsillitis, otitis, hearing impairment