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History development of ozone therapy
History development of ozone therapy
World community will always face the problem of struggle against pathogen microorganisms. Hopes that antibiotics will solve infections' problem are not justified. In answer to the synthesis of new forms of antibacterial preparations appears another microorganisms strains, arises new viruses, funguses shows their pathogen properties more strongly. It becomes more difficultly and expensively to solve the problem of struggling against infections with the help of antibiotics. Thats why it is necessary to look for new non-drug means and means of treatment which connects high therapeutic potential and absence of side effects in it, renders efficient bactericidal effect on pathogen microorganisms and, what is especially important, have mobilize effect on physiological means on organisms protection. World practice of more than 150 years indicates that one of such means is ozone therapy.

Ozone therapy is high-performance, ecological and economy profitable method of treatment, creating bactericidal, fungicidal, immunoregulating and anti- fungus influence by which there are virtually no side effects. It is used in surgery, therapy, eye diseases, infectious diseases, in urinology, venereology, dermatology, cosmetology, obstetrics, gynaecology, dentistry, pediatrics, anaesthesiology ect.

Ozone was discovered by Holland physician Mark van Marum in 1785. In 1896 Nicola Tesla created first ozone generator. In 1929 Thauerkauf A. Luth opened firstly in the world an Institute of ozone therapy in Berlin. In 1929 was published a magazine "Ozone and its therapeutic effect", which includes 114 names of diseases and forms of using ozone and also researches oh main ozone therapys centers: Research institute of technologies (Illinois), American college of physiotherapy, Berlin University, Department of education (Saint-Louis), British military medical service (London), Chicago medical college, Harvard University (Cambridge), Polytechnic medical college (Brooklyn, New-York), Medical school of graduate education (New-York), California University (Los-Angeles) and many other.

Before the Second World War the center of using medical ozone moved in Europe (Switzerland, Italy, France and especially Germany). In each of these countries there were many institutes where thousands of patients were treated by ozone therapy yearly. During postwar period were held wide systematic researches in ozone therapy field firstly in Germany, Italy and Cuba when in daily medical practice appeared ozone resistant polymeric materials and ozone plants comfortable for work.

For providing available information about effect principles, forms and fields of using ozone-oxygen therapy, coordination of researches and developments and also for technology transfer in 1972 was created German medical community of ozone physicians, in 1973 International association Ozone.

In 1979 was organized an International medical society of ozone physicians (IOA) International Ozone Association, united the specialists of Germany, Austria, Ukraine, Russia, France, Italy, Cuba, Japan, which held in different countries 19 world congresses Ozone in medicine where were shown high effectiveness of using ozone therapy by various pathologies.

In 1988 in Germany the Committee of regestration side effects by the result of using pharmacology production analyzed 1,5 million ways of using autohemotherapy with ozone, meanwhile there were exposed no facts of side effects origin.

In the 19th century in Eupotoria (AR Crimea) doctor T. Rasenberg used ozone as a chemical element for treatment allergic persons, especially in airway diseases. He brought the patients in an open sea at once before light and they breathed the air which was full of ozone. This can be called the beginning of ozone therapy in Ukraine.

In Russia the experimental researches started in 1977 in CRIL of Nizhny Novgorod state medical institute allowed the doctors of medical science, Professors S.P. Peretjagin and G.A. Bojarinov from April 1979 begin intravascular introduction of ozone solutions and create a school of ozone therapy in future. In numerous works of Doctor of Biological Science, professor K.N. Kontorshikova (Nizhny Novgorod) is studied the dynamics of biochemical readings and flowing of metabolic processes in different diseases depending on dose, concentration and ways of clinical use of ozone. Solubility and decay law of ozone in different environments, its interaction with biomolecules and phosphate lipids are widely represented in the researches of Doctor of Chemical Science S.D. Razumovskij (Moscow) and Doctor of Chemical Science G.A Galstjan and M.F. Tupalo (Lugansk). The professors of Nizhny Novgorod developed technical approaches of parenteral use ozone solutions by transfusion therapy, handling of patients auto- and contained blood during operations and postoperational period.

The integration of Russian ozone physicians which became an association (chairman- S.P. Peretjagin) allowed to hold seven All-Russian science-practical conferences (1992, 1995, 1998, 2000, 2003, 2005, 2007).

In Ukraine the first school of ozone physicians was formed in 90s in Kharkov. Its appearance was made for searching new, more effective methods of treatment extremely hard ill patients with intoxication, sepsis and resistance to antibacterial preparations infections. In conditions of such megalopolises as Kharkov that was extremely necessary in connection with concentration in the citys hospitals hard ill patients with surgical, urological and traumatological pathology. But wide introduction methods of ozone therapy in Ukraine restrained by lack of high quality and certificated domestic equipment for ozone therapy and official permission Ministry of Health on practical introduction of such methods of treatment.

A new period in the history of ozone therapy in Ukraine connected with creation of Ukraine association of ozone physicians and producers of medical equipment (Kharkov) which is registered in 2000 on April with the aim of spreading new methods of treatment, unification and coordination research, studying, medical and informational activity of ozone therapy which allowed to systematize and summarize European, Russian and Ukrainian experience foe last several decades.

The members of Ukrainian association of ozone physicians and producers of medical equipment (chairman member of the conference V.V. Ganichev) are medical studying institutes and academies, institutions, research institutes, medical clinics with different forms of owning, funds and organizations from all regions of Ukraine, and also foreign organizations.

Firstly in Ukraine ozone was studied and used in Kharkov by the National-technique center Region of Ministry electro-technical industry and instrument making USSR (director V.V. Ganichev), founded on January 2nd in 1990, which produced electrical equipment, deal with problems of protecting environment and cleaning drinking water. Later NTC Region together with the company Medozons of Nizhniy Novgorod (general director Sokolov S.A.) organized Ukrainian-Russian joint venture, which started to sell and repair ozonizers, on the ground of which an Institute of ozone therapy and medical equipment was created in 2000. Creation of an Institute of ozone therapy and medical equipment favoured penetration of different Ukrainian medical institutes and clinics of various methods of ozone therapy, developing new methods and ways of using ozone, performing wide spectrum of research works, creating and producing new types of equipment.

Firstly in CIS by Ukrainian association of ozone physicians and medical equipment producers ( Kharkov) together with an Institute of ozone therapy and medical equipment and Kharkov medical academy of advanced studies was developed and approved on January 11 in 2001 by Ministry of health protection of Ukraine methodical recommendations Methods of ozone therapy (L.D. Tondij, V.V. Ganichev) and firstly in CIS was got an official permission from public health ministry for using ozone therapy. In methods there are indications and contra-indications for using ozone-oxygen mixture, ozonizers ' types and its characteristic, ways of producing ozonized material and methods of treatment by various diseases. Public health ministry of Ukraine, having approved methodical recommendations Methods of ozone therapy gave an official permission in 2001 and recommended this method for wide use and Kharkov school became a founder of new non-drug method of treatment in Ukraine ozone therapy. Nowadays none of the CIS public health ministries havent approved any methods of ozone therapy and havent given an official permission for using methods of ozone therapy.

Firstly in CIS was published and approved in MOZ of Ukraine on June 6 in 2001 educational supplies for medical institutes of higher education Basic principles and methods of ozone therapy in medicine (L.D. Tondij, V.V. Ganichev, U.I. Kozin) devised by Ukrainian association of ozone physicians and medical equipment producers together with Kharkov medical academy of advanced studies and Institute of ozone therapy and medical equipment, summarizing work experience of European schools of ozone therapy and particularly 15 years work experience of Ukrainian doctors, who showed in details medical opportunities of using ozone and its organic compounds by different diseases, influence of strictly measured concentrations of ozone to sick with different pathology of organs and systems, ways supplying effectiveness of its treatment and rehabilitation.

In April 2002 was developed and published first domestic monograph Ozone therapy for neurologists and vertebrologists, authors N.I. Khvisjuk, V.A. Malakhov, V.V. Ganichev, I.N. Pasjura. In January 2005 in public health ministry of Ukraine was approved new methodical recommendations of ozone therapy: Using ozone therapy in obstetrics and gynaecology, authors V.I. Grishenko, V.V. Ganichev, V.D. Zinchenko, B.S. Lupojard, K.V. Lupojard; - Using ozone therapy in complex treatment of burned, authors E.J. Fistal, V.V. Ganichev, V.N. Nosenko, V.V. Makienko.

In February 2006 in public health ministry of Ukraine was approved new methodical recommendations Using ozone therapy for treating sick with central chorioretinal changes, authors I.A. Soboleva, U.A. Demin, V.V. Ganichev, I.I. Lapkina, N.A. Goncharova. In January public health ministry of health of Ukraine new methodical recommendations were affirmed Using ozone therapy in neurology, authors V.A. Mihailov, V.V. Ganichev, E.O. Trifonova, I.N. Pasjura. In 2009 public health ministry of health of Ukraine new methodical recommendations were affirmed Using external ozone therapy in ozone baths form in sanatorium-health resort treatment of arterial hypertension, authors K.D. Bobov, T.V. Starchevskaja, V.V. Ganichev, L.D. Tondij etc.

During the last ten years ozone therapy methods are successfully learned and widely introduced in methodical practice in all regional centre in Ukraine. In accordance to Conferences register, affirmed by Academy of medical science and public ministry of health in Ukraine, Institute of ozone therapy and medical equipment and Ukrainian association of ozone physicians and medical equipment producers, organized jointly:

  • in 2001 with Kharkov medical academy of graduate education;
  • in 2002 with KMAGE and Kharkov government medical university;
  • in 2003 with Institute of ozone therapy AMNU and Institute of cryobiology and cryomedicine NAN of Ukraine (Kharkov);
  • in 2005 with Crimea government medical university, KMAGE and Institute of general and urgent surgery AMNU (AR Crimea, Eupatoria);
  • in 2007 with Crimea government medical university, Crimea sanatorium

Aj-Petri, KMAGE, Institute of general and urgent surgery AMNU and Belgorod government university RF (AR Crimea, Yalta); - held five All-Ukrainian science-practical conferences with international participation of ozone therapy on which was held profound analysis of development methods of treatment of patients with different pathology and ways of creating equipment, and also development of methods of disinfection and ditoxication in the capacity of ecological-preventive measures.

Important direction in work of Kharkov school of ozone therapy is personnel training. Collaborators of the physiotherapy department and balneology of KMAGE (leader of the course d.m.s., prof. L.D. Tondij) together with governing of Ukrainian association of ozone physicians, medical equipment producers and Institute of ozone therapy and medical equipment were devised and included all necessary educational-methodical materials for holding cycle of thematic improvement of doctors of ozone therapy. For practical public health, medical IHE and research medical institutions for the last years were prepared more than 640 doctors of ozone physicians. Nowadays prepared doctors on apparatus Ozone UM-80 working in all regional centers of Ukraine, and also in Russia, Byelorussusia, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Rumania, Bulgaria, Poland, Baltic, Italy and Cyprus.

The representatives of Kharkov schools of ozone physicians hold science research and learned practical influence of ozone in treatment of different diseases:

- in vererbeology under the direction of d.m.s., prof. N.I. Hvisjuk (KMAGE);
- in urology and nephrology under the direction of d.m.s., prof. V.N. Lesovoj and c.m.s. V.I. Savenkova (Kharkov government medical university);
- in surgery deseases under the direction of d.m.s., prof. V.V. Bojko and d.m.s., prof. U.I. Kozin (Institute of general and urgent surgery AMNU);
- in neorology under the direction of d.m.s., prof. P.V. Voloshin (NII of neirology, psyhiatry and addictology) and d.m.s., prof. V.A. Malahov (KMAGE);
- in ostetrics and gynaecology under the direction of d.m.s., academic NANY V.I. Grishenko, d.m.s., prof. U.S. Parashyk and c.m.s., associate professor V.S. Lupojard (Kharkov government medical university);
- in clinic of internal diseases under the direction of d.m.s., academic AMNU and NANY L.T. Malaja, and later d.m.s., prof. O.J. Babaka (Institute of therapy AMNU) ;
- in dermatology under the direction of d.m.s., prof. I.I. Mavrov and d.m.s., prof. J.F. Kutasevich (NII of dermatology and venerology);
- in otolaryngology d.m.s., prof. B.F. Filatova KGMU and d.m.s., prof. G.I. Garjuk (KMAGE);
- in ophthalmology d.m.s., prof. I.A. Soboleva (KMAGE);
- in pediatric surgery d.m.s., prof. V.B. Davidenko (Kharkov government medical university);
- in cryobiology d.m.s., prof. V.D. Zinchenko (NII of problems cryobiology and cryomedicine NAN of Ukraine) ;
- in infection diseases under the direction of d.m.s., prof. V.N. Kozko Davidenko (Kharkov government medical university);

Later trained in Kharkov and on Kharkov equipment began to set development and including new methods of ozone therapy in all regions of Ukraine:
- in physiotherapy and balneology main physiotherapist and MOZU d.m.s., prof. K.D. Bobov, d.m.s., prof. I.P. Shmakova, d.m.s., prof. V.A. Kolodenko and c.m.s. O.V. Borozenko ( Odessa government medical university);
- in surgery c.m.s., associate professor S.I Androsov ( Vinnica national medical university);
- in obstetrics and gynaecology d.m.s., member of the conference AMNU V.K. Chaika, c.m.s. S.V. Chernih (Donets regional centre of maternity and child protection), c.m.s., d.m.s. U.A. Talanenko Donets government medical university) and R.V. Zauralskij (Kremechug maternity hospital);
- in treatment of burn disease d.m.s., prof. E.Y.Fistal, c.m.s. V.M. Nosenko and c.m.n. V.V. Makienko ( Istitute of urgent and restorative surgery AMNU (Doneck);
- in obstetrics and gynaecology c.m.s., associate professor V.G. Gegulovich (National medical university, Kiev);
- in dentistry and maxillofacial surgery d.m.s., member of the conference AMNU V.A. Malanchuk, c.m.s., associate professor A.V. Kopchak (National medical university, Kiev) and d.m.s., prof. I.G. Lesovaja (KMAGE);
- in pulmonology c.m.s. A.A. Tarasjuk, c.m.s. G.A. Ivanov and c.m.s. K.D. Majak (Lvov NII epidemiology and hygiene);
- infection diseases c.m.s., associate professor A.O. Sinizar and V.V. Ryabchenko (Sumi national infection hospital) and d.m.s., prof. V.I. Matyaz (Kiev Institute of infection diseases and epidemiology AMNU);
- in surgery c.m.s., associate professor B.M. Plazkar (Uzhorod national university);
- in sanatorium health resort treatment (Simpheropol government medical university, Odessa government medical universiry, Ukrainian research institute of medical rehabilitation and balneology, sanatorium Aj-Petri (Koreiz), Saks regional hospital and Saks military sanatorium, Yalta and Alushta sanatoriums, Yalta boardinghouse Malahit, sanatorium Berminvodi, Slavic health resort, balnearyozokeritotherapy ZAO Truskavec health resort, Odessa sanatorium Lermontovskij and Belaya Akacia, sanatorium-preventive clinic Mariupol metallurgic enterprise, sanatorium-preventive clinic Zaporozhye atomic power plant, and later sanatorium of heath resort Hmelniki, Truskavec, Mirgorod, Morshin, Svalyava and other, many Crimean medical and cosmological centers of Simferopol, Yalta, Sevastopol, Feodosia, Kerch, Sudak, Eupatoria, Saki etc.;
- in anthropogenic situations in multifrequency network and in the Department of Defense Kharkov, Vinnica, Odessa and Chernovcy head military hospitals, Institute of tank forces, in clinic hospitals of railway transport and other organizations;
- in apparatus construction and development new technologies d.m.s., prof. V.D. Cidelko and c.m.s., associate professor A.I. Kuzmichev (NII Experimantal information science and metrology NTU KPI, Kiev), d.m.s., prof. G.S. Stolyarenko, c.m.s., associate professor A.V. Gromiko (Cherkasy egineer-technology institute), c.m.s., associate professor A.V. Kipenskij (NTU KPI).

In the result of joining of efforts limits the association of various institutes and associations of Ukraine there were developed and registered more then 200 patents, implemented 68 different defences of thesis and published more than 600 science works. However, long lack of equipment proper to all necessary medical requirements considerably slowed wide use of ozone for treatment and prevention of diseases. Thats why the representatives of Kharkov school were formulated and confirmed Basic medical-technique requirements and recommendations, which must correspond medical ozonizers. An Institute of ozone therapy and medical equipment apparatus which hasnt any analogs with CIS, took an active part an Institute of plasma physics of National science centre of Kharkov physical-technique institute NANY (developer of electric accelerator, thermonuclear installation Uragan, atomic reactors) and Science-industrial enterprise

Kharton Energo (leading developer of electric equipment, programs and control systems of racket-cosmic technique). According to affirmed medical-technique requirements, obligatory condition of holding ozone therapy is using high-purity medical ozone, which is reached at the expense of using filters afterpurification of oxygen and special construction of discharge chamber of ozone generator with double baffles (German plated glass discharge tube). Universal medical ozonizer, produced by the Institute of ozone therapy and medical equipment Ozone UM-80 with build-in fluid tester of ozone was certificated and entered MPH of Ukraine (Certificate of government registration 2578/2004 from 26.03.2004.

 The machine works in specified automatic regime, controlling and supporting ozone concentration from 0,0 to 80 mg with step 0,1 mg, mistake (accuracy) of measure less than +/- 5%. Usage of two-step system filters cleaner of oxygen and construction of flash chamber with double baffle guarantees absolute production of clean associated signaling channel. Safety work of ozonizer provides by the system of full automation work of ozonizer with feedback regulation and supporting ozone concentration and all its regimes and also cutoff and off of the machine by trouble of work and mistakable actions of service stuff. Including unfortunate fire experience of ozonizers other producers in ozone therapy machine Ozone UM-80 installed additionally temperature sensors on fire and smoke and installed extremely sensitive devices cutting off oxygen supply by the least danger. Thanks to new generation appearance of medical ozonizers which allow vary exactly ozone dozes on such a low level, which hadnt been recognized influential in therapy before, using in full amount experience of Ukrainian, Russian and European schools of ozone therapy, domestic medicine at using ozone as drug has an opportunity to rise general effectiveness of treatment different diseases, in line of occasions changing or exchanging pharmacological load on patient.

Competitive, serial producing domestic medical ozonizer Ozone UM-80 which includes the last modern achievements of science and technique, on its technique and medical means is the best among that which are produced in CIS countries/ Thats why machine of new generation Ozone UM-80 works in first-rate medical institute of higher education, medical academes, research institutes and medical centers in all regions of Ukraine, in near and remote foreign countries. For further development of ozone therapy is necessary the help of Public health ministry of government financing programs of wide including ozone therapy in all medical institutes, including also district hospitals and also of inclusion study of ozone therapy in the program of education medical institutes of higher education.