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Cabinet ozonator of air “Ozone OA”
Cabinet ozonator of air “Ozone OA” 
Cabinet ozonator of air “Ozone OA”Scientists and ecologists have determined, that air in premises is two or five times more saturated with bacteria and harmful substances than air in the street. Usually we spend 90% of our time indoors, that’s why air in our flat, cabinet or office may be very harmful for our health. There are many sources of pollution and contamination of air in premises. It may be street smog, that penetrates into our room, or surroundings, that give additional sources of air pollution: tobacco smoke, gas cookers (especially those, which don’t have any ventilation), dust, wool and saliva of domestic animals, microscopical pore of mold and fungus, bacteria and infection, respiratory infection, including viruses of influenza, hepatitis, AIDS, pneumonia and tuberculosis.

What should we do, in order to kill bacteria, to disinfect and improve the quality of air we breathe in? With this purpose, for several years the Institute of Ozonetherapy and Medical Equipment have designed and manufactured the cabinet ozonator of air "Ozone OA-1” of new generation. With the help of the ventilator, air passes through the barrier discharge of the ozone generator and as a result there is ozone, generated out of oxygen of air with the aim of killing bacteria, disinfection, deodorization, neutralization of positive air ions (caused by computer, TV-set) with the generation of negative air ions. 

The present ozonator, in comparison with the traditionally used air fresheners, doesn’t suppress smells but destroys or neutralizes molecule circuits that give irritating effects or unpleasant smells. 

Ozonator of air "Ozone OA” refers to the class of gas-discharge electronic devices of new generation that generate ozone out of oxygen of air and then ionize it. "Ozone OA-1” is a small-sized ozonator, economical ozone generator, working on the basis of smouldering barrier high-frequency discharge, generating ozone with pleasant smell and saturating air with active oxygen. Ozone has got a wide range of effect, good bactericidal properties, improves immunity, has antihypoxic and disintoxicant properties, has good tolerance and practically has no side effects.

The ozone-air mixture carries out killing bacteria, disinfection, deodorization and ionization of air in premises, and is applied for:

  • reduction of allergic and asthmatic reactions;
  • preventive measures for infectious and respiratory diseases;
  • killing different bacteria and viruses of influenza, hepatitis, AIDS, pneumonia and tuberculosis; 
  • suppression of growth and killing mold and fungus in premises where air conditioners work;
  • improving immunity thanks to breathing in air saturated with ozone;
  • neutralization of positive air ions and generation of negative air ions in the air of premises, where many electrotechnics, TV-sets and computers work;.  
  • purifying and freshening air, killing harmful compounds, unpleasant smells and smoke; 
  • organization of healthy atmosphere indoors by recreating natural processes;  
  • saving money meant for antibiotics and chemical disinfectants.

The ozonator is meant for processing premises up to 40 sq.m. (cabinets, flats, offices, hospital rooms, eating establishments, lounges, photo salons etc.)

Patients, who earlier bought ozonator of air, have not been ill with influenza for several years. 

Principles of work.

The device has a simple and convenient control. With the help of the left knob of smooth regulating, it is possible to establish individually, comfortably tolerable concentration of ozone on the output from the device correspondingly from 0,001 up to 0,09 mg / m ?, that is below the determined maximum permissible concentration (MPC) = 0,1 mg / m ?. With the help of the right knob timer-control, it is possible to establish time of ozone generation from 2 up to 10 minutes. In the automatic regime, after stopping ozone generation, the device makes a pause regime from 2 to 10 minutes, then the ozone generator is switched on again, then again a pause regime and so it lasts during all operation time of the device within several hours, until it is switched off. After choosing and setting the concentration of the generated ozone and time, the device is established on a workplace, the plug is inserted into a network, the button is switched on and all the indicators are lit up. The blue indicator signals about ozone generation, and changing its brightness by moving the knob "Ozone” clockwise and counter-clockwise indicates increase or decrease of the produced concentration, the green indicator by moving the knob "Time” points to the periodical switching on and off the ozonator device, the yellow indicator signals about network voltage. 

Order of regulation, set up and exploitation of the device.

The present device is set up on the distance of more than 2 meters far from the working place with the aim of much fuller and more equal distribution of ozone-air mixture due to air flow, produced by the built-in ventilator. Ozone concentration in air and time of work, taking into consideration the size of the premises, are regulated in such a way, so that by constant work of the device, a person could feel the slightest smell of ozone or even no smell at all. Time of decomposition of ozone O 3 molecules into oxygen O 2 and atomic oxygen O in air depending on the temperature in premises, illumination and other factors is for 1-3 hours. A human being’s nose begins feeling a smell of ozone at the concentration above 0,015 – 0,020 mg/m3. The confirmed MPC in air of premises, where people work, is 0, 1 mg / m3.

In bedrooms, it is recommended to turn of the ozonator for 1-1, 5 hour at average concentration, and to turn the ozonator off before going to bed. The present device consumes little current and power, it doesn’t require any special settings and service.

Technical characteristics:

Ozone concentration at output up to 0, 09 mg/m ³
Speed of air flow up to 4 m³ / hour
Power consumption less 5 watt
Power supply 220 Volt; frequency 50 Hertz
Productivity of ozone, max 0,4 mg / hour
Time of continuous work up to 1 hour
Weight no more than 1,8 kg
Dimensions 140 х 215 х 230 mm