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Gas – analyzer (measuring device) or ozone concentration in gaseous mixture "OZONOMER G-100"
 Gas – analyzer (measuring device) or ozone concentration in gaseous mixture "OZONOMER G-100"
Gas – analyzer (measuring device) or ozone concentration in gaseous mixture "OZONOMER G-100"Gas – analyzer "OZONOMER G - 100” is meant for measuring ozone concentration in gaseous mixture. "OZONOMER G - 100” allows to control and to determine the mass ozone concentration in ozone-oxygen mixture, produced by ozone devices of different constructions and manufacturers.
This device is of high stability and big operating resource.
The principle of operation of this measuring device is in its photometric ozone measuring through its own absorption stripe for 253,7 NM.
The work of gas – analyzer is based upon measuring absorption of ultra-violet radiation by the layer of the examined ozone-oxygen gaseous mixture.
Ultra-violet radiation of a mercury lamp goes to two photodetector (photoelectric detector): one is directly supporting, the other is measuring, going through flowing cuvette, in which goes the examined gaseous mixture.
The selected absorption of ultra-violet radiation with the wave length – 253,7 NM, with the ozone layer in the cuvette is fixed by measuring photodetector (photoelectric detector) at this time the supporting photodetector (photoelectric detector) measures the intensity of ultra-violet radiation till the entrance into the cuvette.
While passing pure oxygen through the cuvette, the photodetector (photoelectric detector) fixes the maximum number of intensity of luminous flux. Zero exponents set on the indicator. While expulsion through the optical cuvette of the ozone-oxygen mixture, the optical absorption in the range of 253,7 NM draws to appearing the signal that depends on ozone concentration.
Both signals go into the measuring device, where due to result of the mathematical processing it is calculated ozone concentration in the cuvette irrespective of variations of radiation intensity of a mercury lamp and stability rates of other elements of the system.
The received ozone concentration measurements in ozone-oxygen mixture in digital form is shown on the display of the measuring device. This device, designed and manufactured on the elementary basis of the leading foreign firms, shows on the display the concrete digital figures of ozone concentration in the range from 0,1 to 100,0 mg/l with the indication of decimal figures and the precision of measurement in different ranges from 5 to 10 %, which is the best figures among CIS manufacturers.
The main technical characteristics:
Gas – analyzer (measuring device) or ozone concentration in gaseous mixture "OZONOMER G-100"