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The Apparatus for Ozone Therapy For Dermacosmetology
The Apparatus for Ozone Therapy For Dermacosmetology
The Institute of Ozone Therapy and Medical Equipment produces the universal medical Apparatus for the ozone therapy "OZONE UM-80” for dermacosmetology: floor-standing, mobile (on castor wheels), with oxygen cylinder for parenteral and local application and the ozonization of oils. The ozonizer by way of electrical synthesis produces an absolutely pure ozone-oxygenic mixture out of gaseous oxygen for the sake of medical purposes with the concentration of ozone up to 150 mg/l with the power consumption up to 80 VA and the speed of the gas stream from 0,25 up to 1,0 l/min, which is unattainable for any other apparatus made by medical equipment producers. 

The Apparatus for Ozone Therapy For DermacosmetologyWith the objective of enhancing the security in the exploitation of the ozonizer, of creating power reserve, of improving the stability of its functioning, of increasing the term of the exploitation of the generator and excluding the overheating of the discharge chamber, and also taking into account the maximal concentrations of ozone applied in medicine constituting up to 80 mg/l, the indicated ozonizer "OZONE UM-80” producing the maximum concentration of ozone up to 150 mg/l has been calibrated to the principal regulation of ozone concentration from 0,0 up to 80 mg/l with an interval of 0,1 mg/l at any speed of the oxygen stream. In this way, even producing a high and unattainable for other producers ozone concentration of 80,0 mg/l, the ozonizer functions at its half-power, and at small concentrations it is generally a hundred times more underloaded, which guarantees its safe and prolonged exploitation. The ozonizer "OZONE UM-80” has been created on the element basis of the leading international firms, while assembling the SMD-electronic components and microprocessors is performed on special German automatic lines ERSA according to ISO-9001 standard. By its technical characteristics and medical potential "OZONE UM-80” presents a device of a new generation, the most elaborate when compared to other devices produced, the best in the CIS and not having any counterparts in the world.

The ozonizer construction has been developed by the Institute of Ozone Therapy and Medical Equipment together with the Institute of the Physics of Plasma of National Science Center of Kharkiv Institute of Physics and Technology (research engineering of electronic accelerators, thermonuclear equipment "”URAGAN” and atom reactors) and the Science-Production Public Enterprise "HARTRON-ENERGO” (the leading developer of the electronic equipment, programs and systems of controlling missilery).

The universal medical apparatus for ozone therapy "OZONE UM-80”:

- Was first registered in Ukraine, introduced into the Register of the Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine and approved of for use up to 13.05.2014;
- The Certificate of state registration in the Ministry of Public Health № 2578/2004 dated by 26.03.2004, prolonged by the order of the Ministry of Public Health № 326 dated by 13/05/2009;
- The Finding of the State sanitary-epidemiologic expertise of the Ministry of Public Health № 05.03.02-07/54744 dated by 31.12.2003 about the endorsement of "OZONE UM-80”, approved of by the Deputy Head State Sanitary doctor of Ukraine G. F. Burlak, has been first received in Ukraine;
- The Certificate of State metrological evaluation in the State Committee for Standardization, Metrology and Certification of Ukraine № 08/19-2 dated by 10.04.2003, allowing to check and adjust ozonizers of other producers with the help of "OZONE UM-80” has been first received in Ukraine;
- The Certificate of Conformity of the State System of Certification UKRSEPRO № 320788 Series ВВ dated by 05.02.2009 has been received;
- Together with Ukrainian Medical Center of Certification of the Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine serial qualification tests of the apparatus "OZONE UM-80” have been held – The Act of qualification tests № 895-078;
- Technical requirements of Ukraine 331-30881586-001-2004 have been certified in GOSSTANDART and the Ministry of Public Health up to 2014;
- "OZONE UM-80” is protected by the patents of Ukraine № 1783 U; 2398 U; 8550 U; 11354 U; 62041 U.

The Institute of Ozone Therapy and Medical Equipment has been granted:

• The Laureate Diploma of Prof. G. L. Kanevsky Prize of Ukrainian Association of Physical Therapists and Balneologists in 2002 for the implementation and the development of ozone therapy ;
• The First Degree Diploma of the oldest Kharkiv medical association of Ukraine for the best scientific paper «The development of national ozone therapy an the production of medical equipment for its application” in 2003;
• The Diploma of the «Expocentre of Ukraine», Kyiv, of the 7th International Specialized Medical Exhibition «INMED-2004»;
• The Diploma of the International Medical Exhibition «Public Health - 2005», Moscow, RF, for the best development of the apparatus for ozone therapy;
• The Diploma "The Best Model of 2005» XX International business-forum «Slavyansky Bazar» for the development of the apparatus for ozone therapy of a new generation;
• The Diploma of the Expocentre Fairgrounds, Moscow, RF, of the International medical exhibition «Public Health - 2006»;
• The Prize winner of 2007 (together with KhNURE) and the participant of the International Exhibition of Public Health in Hannover (devoted to ozone therapy) in the project of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine;
• The Winner (together with the Institute for Scintillation Materials of The National Academy of Sciences Of Ukraine) of the Contest of 2007 of The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine for the best scientific innovation in ozone therapy domain;
• The XIII, XIV, XV, XVI, XVII Degree Diplomas of International Specialized medical Exhibitions "Health Protection” – 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008, Kyiv, Ukraine.
• The First Degree Diploma of the All-Ukrainian Association of Physiotherapists, Balneologists and Rehabilitologists for the creation and implementation into practice of a new highly effective medical ozonizer – 2008.
• The Diploma of the 15th International Medical Exhibition "Health and Longevity” Closed Joint Stock Company, Lviv, "For the substantial contribution to the development of ozone therapy and medical equipment in Ukraine - 2009”.

The ozonizer is of a universal kind as it allows receiving both low therapeutic concentrations of ozone (up to 10 ml/g) and high concentrations of ozone applied in dermacosmetology (up to 80 mg/l). The ozonizer is calibrated to a wide range and allows exercising the principal regulation of ozone concentration from 0,0 to 80,0 mg/l with the interval of 0,1 mg/l. The ozonizer is equipped with the built-in systems of automatics, foreseeing its stoppage or turning off in case of the violation of its functioning regimes or the occurrence of fallacious actions of the operator serving it.

The ozonizer is qualified as universal as it allows being used in a mobile way, moving it easily on castor wheels to different medical center rooms.

The ozonizer is universal as thanks to its built-in oxygenic cylinder it can be used without being attached to the central oxygen system.

The universal medical apparatus for ozone therapy "OZONE UM-80” fro dermacosmetology is a floor-standing one with a coloured display, a system of full automatic regulation as well as the control and support of ozone concentration. 

Packaging: medical ozonizer, a base on castor wheels, two oxygen cylinders for 4,0(5,0) l and 10,0 l, an oxygen reducer BKO-50/mg with the adapted pressure gauge, the basic set of gear, the universal procedure camera for carrying associated signaling channel – PK/8, "Luer” needles for hypodermic injections of ozone while needling different parts of the face and the body, a special screw-adapter, connecting tubes, scientific-methodological literature. 

The built-in vacuum pump and thermo-electrical decomposer are installed in case the additional order is made. The built-in thermo-electrical decomposer has a device regulating the heating element in the automatic way and keeping the temperature at 300-500C, which ensures the output ozone concentration lower than MPC = 0,1 mg/m3. The temperature controlling device, due to the universal thermocouple, regulates and keeps the necessary temperature.

The German ozone-resistant vacuum-pump is additionally installed in the apparatus with the capacity up to 2,0 l/min, with the gradual discharge regulation up to 80,0 kPa for the sake of creating vacuum and pumping out associated signaling channel through the decomposer from the cameras of flowing gassing after performing the local procedures, as well as in dermacosmetology for scrubbing the face, lymph drain, resorption of scars, treatment for cellulitis and breast enlargement. The additional function of "Time-meter” has been installed on the ozonizer that allows the owner of the device to control and define the time of the staff work with the device by way of the growing total.

The duration of the ozonizer functioning while performing the procedure is set by the physician and is displayed on the monitor, while the device itself shuts down automatically after the procedure termination. 

The principal technical specifications:

1.   Ozone concentration, mg/l   from 0,0 to 80,0
2. Measurement interval of ozone concentration, mg/l 0,1
3. Speed of supplying ozone-oxygenic mixture, l/min 0,25; 0,5; 1,0
4. Functioning resource of the discharge chamber 10000 hours
(10 years)
5. Measurement error of ozone-concentration up to ± 10%
6.  Availability of the built-in ozone-resistant vacuum pump      Available
7. Availability of the built-in thermo-electrical decomposer Available
8. Mains supply from the alternating current 50 Hz, W 220 ± 22
9. Maximum power consumption, VА 85,0
10. Regime of functioning prolonged, h 8
11. Built-in oxygen cylinder, l 5 и 10
12. Availability of liquid crystal display Available
13. Overall dimensions of the apparatus, mm 395×330×1100
14. Apparatus mass in the delivery set kg 22, not more

Purified by way of additionally set filters oxygen gets to the clearance between the two glass tubes inserted into each other and the coaxically placed glass tubes (made in Germany). One electrode happens to be a metallized external surface of the tube of a bigger diameter, while the second electrode is presented by a metallized surface of the tube of a smaller diameter. When the current feed of high voltage is conveyed to the metallized electrodes, an electrical discharge appears in the clearance between the external and the internal tubes. Passing through the discharge interval between the tubes (the double electrical barrier of the flash chamber) oxygen never contacts the metal of the electrodes and, consequently, the transfer of ions or molecules of the metal of the electrodes and their oxides to the ozone-oxygenic mixture does not take place. Thanks to the additionally set filters of the two-level system of the afterpurification of oxygen and thanks to the construction of the flash chamber with a double barrier, at which neither oxygen nor the formed ozone-oxygenic mixture directly contacts with the metal of the electrodes, the purity of the ozone-oxygenic mixture is secured.

The apparatus contains an Italian reducer of the delicate adjustment of the pressure additionally installed at the oxygen entrance section for the protection of the device, as well as a thermo-sensor with a thermocouple and a highly sensitive device, cutting off the oxygen supply at the slightest chance of fire hazard, installed for the automatic control of the flash chamber temperature exceeding. 

To enhance the reliability of the ozonizer exploitation import technologies and design, the brand-new electronic and element base, as well as new frames belonging to the type of equipment with double isolation, providing the total electrical safety for the staff have been applied in them. 

The speed of the supply of the ozone-oxygenic mixture at 0,25; 0,5; 1,0 l/min is regulated and set by the apparatus, being set and fixed on the display and strictly supported by the automatics. 

The producer provides the warranty repair of the ozonizer within a year and its post-warranty service within the whole term of exploitation, but for no less than a 10 years’ term.

The risk of the accidental inhalation exposure is reduced to a minimum due to the application of a reliable thermo-electrical decomposer, ozone-resistant materials, safe and hermetic execution of all connections. 

The ozonizer is equipped with all the necessary scientific-methodological sources, a decomposer, an oxygen cylinder, a basic set of gear and tools for executing 30 various methods of ozone therapy. 

The physician’s possibility to set on the monitor different combinations of the parameters of procedure making (ozone concentration, the speed of mixture supply, the duration of a procedure execution) allows physicians to hold a sensible, predictable, dose-dependent ozone therapy, to measure in a subtle and accurate way the quantity of ozone, using it similarly to pharmacological devices. 

For many years of its application the ozonizer "OZONE UM-80” has proved to be a reliable, safe source of medical ozone, completely meeting modern medical and sanitary-hygienic requirements, quite simple in handling and exploiting.